SoccerLand | Hugo SánchezMakes Appearance at Foundation Practice
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Hugo SánchezMakes Appearance at Foundation Practice

San Diego, CA (July 18, 2016) – The Hugo Sánchez Soccerland Foundation recently announced the formation of their initial two youth soccer teams for boys and girls ages 10 and 11.

Last week Hugo Sánchez, the namesake of the Foundation and one of the greatest soccer players of his generation, paid a visit to a youth soccer practice. Sánchez worked alongside the Foundation’s coaches and joined the players on the field for a game at the Monarch School campus.

Afterward, Sánchez posed for pictures with the players and signed autographs.He then spoke to the children of his love for the game when he was their age and how soccer provided him the opportunity to stay healthy while learning about integrity, commitment, team-work and excellence. Sánchez discussed how these principles guided him through his career and were the values he hoped to pass onto them.

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