SoccerLand | Hugo Sánchez Soccerland Foundation Forms Initial Youth Soccer Program
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Hugo Sánchez Soccerland Foundation Forms Initial Youth Soccer Program

San Diego, CA (June 13, 2016) – The Hugo Sánchez Soccerland Foundation, a non-profit organization and provider of youth soccer programs in San Diego, announced the formation of their initial two youth soccer teams for boys and girls ages 10 and 11.

We are proud to start offering soccer programs, which are designed to be interactive, make physical fitness fun, and teach children how to stay active and healthy. Many of the children participating have no prior soccer experience and will be shown the fundamentals of the game, such as receiving, passing, and shooting. In addition, they will perform exercise and fitness activities focused on improving their agility, balance/body mechanics, cardiovascular endurance, and strength.

Hugo Sánchez, Mexico’s greatest-ever soccer player, is heavily involved in the Foundation and the development of the children, using the Hugo methodology which he has refined through years of experience in professional soccer.

For the formation of their initial youth soccer program, the Foundation has partnered with local organizations such as the San Ysidro Health Medical Mobile Clinic, Barrio Logan College Institute and the Monarch School to bring soccer to the Barrio Logan area of San Diego.

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