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About Us

Get to know us better

As a child, like all children, I loved to run, jump, kick, compete, win and interact with friends. I fondly remember the days when I started playing soccer, with my brothers and neighbors, on the streets of Mexico. Through soccer, we learned important lessons about ourselves and our communities.

I first kicked a soccer ball at the age of 2, and since then soccer has been my challenge, my passion and my life.

The natural talent I displayed as a child only took me so far – it was the hard work and dedication, of myself and those who understood the fundamentals of the game, who contributed to my success. The more time I spent on the field, the stronger I became, and my passion for the sport grew. Soccer provided me the opportunity to stay healthy while I learned about integrity, commitment, team-work and excellence. I’m proud to say these principles guided me through my career and are the very foundation to which our youth soccer programs were built.

I founded the Hugo Sánchez Soccerland Foundation as a way to give the gift of soccer to a new generation of soccer players. For me, soccer has the ability to change lives and provide hope for those who face adversity and challenges.

The sport also has the ability to strengthen the community by promoting social inclusion, having a positive impact on crime prevention, instilling leadership skills, and promoting a healthy way of life.

I am excited to teach the fundamentals of this sport to educate and empower children and to help them build essential life skills to improve their chance for a better future all through the sport of soccer.

I invite you to be part of the Hugo Sánchez Soccerland Foundation. Come join me!

Hugo Sánchez







Board of



Hugo Sánchez

Former Professional Soccer Player Professional Soccer Coach, and ESPN Deportes Analyst

Vice President

Terri Dillon

President, Dillon Realty Executives


Raymond C. Weber

Vice President, Financial Advisor Hilltop Securities Inc.


Steven W. Haskins

Attorney, Haskins & Associates APC

Board Member

Juan Jose Parcero

Director, Center for Heart Studies “Medica Norte”


Our Foundation

Hugo Sánchez Soccerland Foundation, is a foundation with a year-round commitment to its mission to enhance and support personal youth development through top quality soccer programs.

The Foundation will provide free youth soccer programs to youth throughout San Diego. Our youth soccer programs are designed to get children to enhance their personalities by developing integrity, commitment, team work and excellence, as well as fight obesity. Participation in the Foundation also helps children build their self-esteem and learn to make and reach personal goals.

The Foundation will form 60 youth soccer teams (that’s 750 players!). Two teams have already been formed in conjunction with the Barrio Logan College Institute and the Monarch School.

In addition, the Foundation will begin fundraising and construction on a 100 acre all-encompassing soccer complex. The state-of-the-art complex will be comprised of 3 indoor soccer fields and 20+ outdoor (natural and turf) fields with adjustable dimensions to accommodate children of all ages.

These fields will not only be home to our 60 youth soccer teams, but will host local soccer clubs and will organize 2 local, national, and international soccer tournaments bringing approximately over 20,000 players through our fields.

Our complex will provide the community a wholesome environment that offers safe playing fields and promotes healthy competition.

Our Goal

The Hugo Sánchez Soccerland Foundation is dedicated to promoting youth soccer and consequently playing an important role in the development of youth throughout San Diego. The skills youth learn while involved in the Foundation are skills they take with them when they venture out into the real world. They learn integrity, commitment, team-work and excellence; as well as how to cope with the success and failures they experience through their lifetime.

We are proud to start offering soccer programs throughout San Diego. These programs are designed to be interactive, make physical fitness fun, and teach children how to stay active and healthy. From time to time, past and present professional soccer players will serve as guest coaches at our programs.

Our programs will be open to boys and girls ages 5 to 18. No prior soccer experience is necessary to participate in our programs.

Children will be shown the fundamentals of the game, such as controlling, passing, and shooting. In addition, children will perform exercise and fitness activities focused on improving their agility, balance/body mechanics, cardiovascular endurance, and strength. All participants will learn the importance of proper hydration and how to prevent injuries.

Hugo Sánchez is heavily involved in the Foundation and the development of the children, using the Hugo methodology, which he has refined through years of experience in professional soccer.

Today, the Foundation has partnered with local organizations such as the San Ysidro Health Medical Mobile ClinicBarrio Logan College Institute and the Monarch School to bring soccer to the Barrio Logan area of San Diego.

Our Mission